Ladies Jacket Size Guide

How to measure correct size

1 : BUST

The bust is the most important body part for jacket measurement. Please stand up straight and relax your arms. Optimally, you can ask another person to wrap a tape measure around your chest at its fullest area. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number. Make sure it has a little room (max. an inch) to move. For casual jackets, you can add an additional inch.


To calculate your waist circumference, use a tape measure. Start at the top of the hip bone, and wrap it around your waist at navel level. Ensure that it’s not too tight and that the tape is parallel with the floor. Don’t hold your breath while doing it.


Stand sideways to a mirror and identify the fullest part of your hips. Wrap a tape measure around your widest area. The tape measure should be loose enough so that there is no skin depression. Record the measurement where the tape measure meets its end.

Generally sizes are:
S   =   32-34 cm
M  =   34-36 cm
L   =   36-38 cm
XL  =  38-40 cm

Ladies Short Jackets


  S M L XL
BUST 92cm 103cm 112cm 122cm
WAIST 82cm 94cm 104cm 112cm
HIP 96cm 104cm 114cm 124cm
BODY LENGTH 60cm 63cm 66cm 68cm
SLEEVE LENGTH 65cm 66cm 66cm 67cm


Ladies Sleeveless Jackets

  S M L XL
BUST 92cm 102cm 112cm 122cm
WAIST 82cm 94cm 104cm 112cm
HIP 96cm 106cm 114cm 124cm
BODY LENGTH 59cm 63cm 65cm 67cm

Ladies Long Jackets

BUST 88cm 98cm 106cm 116cm 128cm
WAIST 82cm 92cm 102cm 112cm 122cm
SLEEVE LENGTH 63cm 66cm 66cm 69cm 69cm
BODY LENGTH 84cm 88cm 91cm 92cm 96cm