Give Love | The GiLo Story

Who is GiLo?

GiLo Lifestyle is a South African online store based in Cape Town, South Africa and established in 2015. It began with Gina and Loren, two women with a love of fashion and the environment. Hence the name GiLo (pronounced- Gee Low). It is also an acronym for Giving Love back to the planet. We have the hope of changing consumer’s mindsets and making a difference to both people and the planet by providing stylish clothing without guilt.

Both women respectively have a great love for animals and the planet and abhor the terrible and unnecessary cruelty that animals endure as a result of humanities lack of consciousness. They have found the significant and disturbing accumulation of plastic pollution around the globe to be alarming and a great cause for concern.

Gina has been part of the fashion world as a supplier for global fashion brands of head-ware and accessories for over 25 years but has always had a yearning to start her own brand. She is a lover of fashion with a great eye for clothing and whilst at a trade show came across fabrics made from materials that would make a difference.

The first stirrings of the idea and the concept of providing fashionable goods without harming animals or the environment was henceforth ignited in her being. The idea took root and slowly the flame was fanned by Gina’s partner who is an animal lover herself with a heart for improving life for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Loren is also highly creative, and the brand grew very naturally from their mutual love of design and their heartfelt wish to make a difference to the world.

Whether play means catching an early morning wave, hiking a mountain trail, or braaing in your own backyard, GiLo compliments a myriad of lifestyles. While we at GiLo understand the need for comfort, we recognise that feeling good should not mean sacrificing style. Together, they are aspiring to create not just a sustainable brand but also a conscious lifestyle.

What do we do?

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion is taking the world by storm and we are driving #fashionwithconscience to promote the idea that high quality clothing can be ethically created. We aspire to create garments that are beautiful, comfortable, affordable and stylish, where no attention to detail is missed and where the make-up is top quality. 

Our current garments include men’s board shorts and lifestyle shorts made from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean. They are 92% recycled plastic (PET), which stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, the clear plastic used for water bottles and 8% spandex to provide 4-way stretch. PET is globally recognised as non-toxic and 100% recyclable. The shorts are extremely lightweight, water repellent, quick dry and seamless so no chaffing. 

We also have puffer jackets for both ladies and gents and use insulation made by DuPont called Sorona, which is a renewably sourced fibre made in part with annually renewable plant-based ingredients. Sorona is very close to duck-down in its capacity to hold heat and insulate. It is soft, lightweight, extremely warm, breathable, dries fast, hypoallergenic and water repellent.

Our swing tickets are made from recycled cardboard and the bags that our products get delivered in biodegradable bags made from cornstarch. Our string to attach the swing tickets is made from jute/hessian, which is natural eco-friendly fibre. It is grown organically without the use of fertilsers and pesticides and is completely biodegradable and recyclable.

GiLo products can be found in a few retails stores as well as markets should one wish to feel the softness of the fabric or fit them. Having said that, if the goods arrive after being ordered online and there is a problem with the fit or garment itself once received, it will be returned at our own cost. So, there is no risk for the consumer.

 Customer satisfaction is of significant importance and where possible we encourage feedback and a more personal shopping experience with customers and will respond to any suggestions or queries person to person.

Why Choose GiLo?

All customers will benefit from the amazing quality, fit, feel and price of our GiLo products. There is a feel-good experience when one buys something knowing the ethics behind the product and that by buying the product they are in-fact making a difference to the state of animals around the world as well as the planet itself.

As humans we can no longer continue to disregard animals and the planet. Changes need to be made for the good of all and we at GiLo Lifestyle are doing our bit at doing just that.